Hello! My name is Micah Barnes. I love to help singers deepen their craft. I coach voice and live performance technique and love to work on career strategy. We can meet at my studio or work over the internet for private sessions. I also coach group workshops wherever I travel. Lets talk about what you need and whether our working together makes sense for you. Contact me at micah@singersplayground.com

Micah Barnes is an in demand Voice, Performance and Career coach whose Juno & Emmy award winning clients,(including Tatiana Maslany from "Orphan Blackā€), are topping charts across North America. Micah is the"Vocals" columnist for Canadian Musician Magazine and on faculty coaching performance at Seneca College for the Independent Performing Singer-Songwriters program. A former member of International A Capella act The Nylons, his Singers Playground Workshops have helped support thousands of artists in Los Angeles, New York and across Canada in building more powerful vocal performances and realizing their career goals!

"Micah is quite simply one of the most inspiring, exciting teachers, and people, I've ever met. I cannot say enough good things about this man! He always approached our work together with patience, empathy and exploration. There was no rush to results. It was all process and discovery. He was supportive throughout and also challenging. He helped me find truth and authenticity in my voice. I had been terrified of singing for a very long time, and he made me absolutely fall in love with it. I felt creative and free. I learned so much about acting from his work. He helped me feel how impulses in both acting and singing spring from the same raw truthful place. He is always present, always open, and is so generous with his passion for what he does. I would feel very lucky to get to work with him again" Tatiana Maslany-Emmy Award Winning Actress (Orphan Black).



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Micah Barnes founded The Singers Playground in 1996 in order to support the next generation of artists through workshops, seminars and one on one coaching and is truly delighted to get to work with so many talented artists in both Canada and The United States.

His popular "Basics of Singing" video's have introduced voice technique to thousands of singers http://www.youtube.com/MicahBarnes (see below) and his blog "Notes From A Coach" has supported the search for one's "authentic voice" for readers across the web. http://www.notesfromsingersplayground.blogspot.ca

Please contact (416) 703-8554 or micah@singersplayground.com for more information and bookings.





A series of 6, "The Basics of Singing" is one of 14 videos on Micah's YouTUBE channel.

Micah Barnes

"I work hard to help each singer find their authentic voice and to handle each singer respectfully as an individual with the same integrity that I myself would expect from a skilled pro coach." - Micah Barnes


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