Born in to a European-Canadian musical family (his grandmother a Russian pianist and teacher, his father Milton a classical composer), Micah Barnes grew up in the dance studios and acting schools of Toronto, studying with great teachers like Loy Coutts (Stratford) and Rosemary Dunsmore (Centre for Actor Study) on his way to his musical directing career working in theatre (including the award winning play "The Rez Sisters") where he cut his teeth as a coach teaching actors to sing his scores.

After joining internationally acclaimed act The Nylons as their lead Baritone. Micah began his own vocal studies in earnest, working with Bill Vincent in Toronto and Seth Riggs in Los Angeles to improve his professional abilities while touring and recording with the Pop-Acapella singing group.

Leaving them in 1996 to move to Los Angeles and release a series of club records, Micah hit number one on the Billboard Club chart in 2004 along with mega-hit producers Thunderpuss with their international hit "Welcome To My Head".

Micah Barnes

While in California Micah developed his popular SINGERS PLAYGROUND and OVERCOMING STAGE FRIGHT workshops at Highways Performance Lab in Santa Monica where the special guests in his workshops have included master coach SETH RIGGS. Micah Barnes has found a new way to work students past their blocks and fears coaching a new crop of young professionals now entering the music business.

Contact Micah for bookings at (310) 403 6591 (416) 703 8554 or micah@singersplayground.com





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