Micah Barnes is an in demand Voice, Performance and Career coach whose Juno & Emmy award winning clients are topping charts across North America. Micah is the regular "Vocals" columnist for Canadian Musician Magazine and on faculty coaching performance at Seneca College for the Independent Performing Singer-Songwriters program. A former member of International A Capella act The Nylons, his Singers Playground Workshops have helped support thousands of artists in Los Angeles, New York and across Canada in building more powerful vocal performances and realizing their career goals!

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Upcoming Workshop in Toronto Feb 10th will work on Proper Warm-Up, Vocal Technique, Performance Skills, Overcoming Stage Fright, Career Strategy etc! No matter whether you are just starting out or a working professional I am always happy to dig in and support my fellow singers!  Happy to answer any questions you may have! Message me at micah@singersplayground.com and lets talk!



 The one thing that everybody agrees on in the music industry is that there is no ONE publicity person who is good at everything. 

A lot of established PR people only have relationships in the dying world of old school media where journalists are losing their jobs and print space is declining every day. Some PR folks have terrific relationships with media but can't write a proper press release to save their life. Some are fantastic at expanding your footprint on social media platforms but can't…

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What to Expect From A Producer 

Artists want their problems solved. Producers are problem solvers. However most artist have a pretty steep learning curve about what a producer can and can't do! Lets talk about the different jobs a producer fills. 

1) The “sound “ of the recording is usually shaped by the engineer BUT the producer can help put that in motion. I always recommend artist bring examples of the recordings that have the "sound" you are looking for! 

2) A producer should be able to help shape the artistic direction of the…

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5 Things to Think About Before Choosing A Vocal Coach! 


The singer’s relationship with a coach is a potentially life changing one. It’s not just about getting better at hitting your high notes. A good voice coach works with a singer on their most intimate fears and deepest challenges, digging down into the places we are scared to go to on our own, so it’s very important that we be able to put our absolute trust in our coach. 

Where Do I Find A Vocal Coach? 

The best approach is to ask other singers who they have benefitted most from working with, keeping in…

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5 Career Tips For Aspiring Singers!  


Hello Singers! 

I get asked for career advice from up and coming artists all the time. Here are a few things every aspiring singer should be thinking about career wise: 

1) Work your voice so you are getting the most out of your instrument! Raw talent is never enough. Keep working on your craft so your voice is always growing and becoming the best it can be. 

2) Make sure your live show is top notch. No-one is surviving in the music business these days without a fantastic live show. You want…

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