Career Strategy Coaching

Artists often struggle with huge career challenges all by themselves, hiding their fears and anxieties behind a brave smile and a positive attitude. But truth be told, we are under tremendous pressure  to answer the challenges of our career and acquire new skill sets quickly and often without guidance and support.   Whether artists are trying to figure out their "Brand Identity", looking to find an effective team or expanding what , whatever you are navigating in your career I an dedicated to giving you honest feedback based on my years working as a performer and coach in the Entertainment Industry. 

Slip me an e mail at and let me know what you are dealing with and could use support with. If its something we can figure out easily I am happy to give feedback by e mail or phone. 

Rates are the same as Vocal and Performance coaching. See Payment and Policies.

 He came into my life when I was arguably at my lowest, and after three years of working together, I am at my strongest.  Being a woman in the music industry has its challenges. He allowed me to demand attention, to not be afraid to say no, to ask questions and to never make myself smaller so someone else could feel bigger. ”

— Vanessa Marie Carter