J.P. Saxe (Arista)

2020 Grammy Nominee for SONG OF THE YEAR!

"Micah has had my back since I was 12 years old. There is no meaningful part of my career that I haven’t looked to him for advice and I don’t expect that to ever change. Having such a dedicated and loving mentor such as Micah has been an invaluable part of my life and my career”- JP Saxe

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Micah Barnes & Avery Raquel

Micah Barnes & Avery Raquel

“A few years ago I went to Micah for stage performance guidance, and if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Micah found ways to break me out of my shell, and allow myself to use every ounce of creativity available. He showed me how to connect to a song lyrically and emotionally, and through physical presentation. I am thrilled to say that he has strongly assisted in shaping who I am as an artist today!”” - Avery Raquel

Myles Castello

Warner Music Canada

 Micah has helped me tremendously to find my own voice as a singer. His instructions were clear, intentional, and catered to exactly what I needed to work on. When I first took a lesson with Micah, my voice was all over the place. I started out looking for better control, pitch, and overall technique, which is exactly what I got. After spending only a few weeks practicing, I was able to see a noticeable difference not only in my singing, but also in my stage confidence.

Vanessa Marie Carter

Nashville Recording Artist

“Micah did something no coach I had worked with had done before.  He worked on my soul.  He taught me the importance of giving yourself to your audience, whoever it may be.  When I get on stage and perform now, I am a different performer.  I am willing and able to give myself to whoever is watching, because I know who I am, and I'm confident in that. He also called me out when I didn't do the work, something that not a lot of people in my life had done prior to him  He came into my life when I was arguably at my lowest, and after three years of working together, I am at my strongest.  Being a woman in the music industry has its challenges. He allowed me to demand attention, to not be afraid to say no, to ask questions and to never make myself smaller so someone else could feel bigger.  Those are things that I needed in every part of my life, both personal and business.   Micah, I could go on and on.  You not only made me the strongest vocalist I've ever been, but you also healed me, and for that I am eternally grateful.  ” - Vanessa Marie Carter

Jess McAvoy

Recording Artist Australia/USA

Micah came into my life as a voice coach; someone that I had hoped would provide me with practical tools to improve my technique. That, he did but I got so much more. Micah's intuitive nature and passion for the real, deep work is largely what has given me the vocal freedoms that I experience today. I consider Micah a mentor, a healer, and in some respects, a guru. Now I can express my gratitude every day through a new, powerful and versatile instrument that reflects the truth of who I am. I doubt I would have gotten here so soon without Micah Barnes

Tatiana Maslany

2016 Primetime Emmy Award

“Micah is quite simply one of the most inspiring, exciting teachers, and people, I've ever met. I cannot say enough good things about this man! He always approached our work together with patience, empathy and exploration. There was no rush to results. It was all process and discovery. He was supportive throughout and also challenging. He helped me find truth and authenticity in my voice. I had been terrified of singing for a very long time, and he made me absolutely fall in love with it. I felt creative and free. I learned so much about acting from his work. He helped me feel how impulses in both acting and singing spring from the same raw truthful place. He is always present, always open, and is so generous with his passion for what he does. I would feel very lucky to get to work with him again”. 

-Tatiana Maslany

Liz Stringer

Milk Records/Australia

"Micah was recommended to me by a mutual friend and I went to see him for a session just before recording an album in Toronto in early 2018. I was always hesitant to see a voice coach. I was afraid that, because I’d had so little formal training, the process would require completely changing my technique and destabilizing the way I sang in order to learn new techniques. After the first session with Micah those fears were not only put to rest by his approach and his incredibly generous, warm and encouraging nature, but I was also shown the immense possibilities for me as a singer and an artist. I left inspired and changed and what began as a one-off session quickly developed into a weekly visit. Micah became a confidant, mentor and ally during a time in which the music industry, and life in general, was kicking my arse and he facilitated a process for me of finding my voice and my power, both as a singer and as a person. I have absolutely no doubt that I’m a profoundly more confident, dexterous and connected singer for working with Micah. I’ll always be grateful to my new friend and teacher and look forward to continuing our work, whether in Toronto or from further afield.-Liz Stringer