3 Keys for Beginning Songwriters!

Being able to write your own material is about your empowerment as an artist. Plain and simple. 

Think about the first time you heard your favourite artist. 

Im guessing they were performing a specific song that you liked. 

A song is the vehicle that carries a new artist into peoples awareness.. and ultimately our lives. 

Imagine having written the song that we associate with you and your identity as an artist… 

That, my friends, is the power you want to have in your career. 

Some of you reading this are excited by the idea of writing your own material but haven’t jumped in yet ….and some of you are scared stiff by the idea of even trying. 

To all of you I say.. No matter where you are in your career at this stage.. your ability to choose and develop material is going to define your success.

No matter how good your singing voice is, your career won’t accelerate until you’ve figured out what kind of material you will be performing.

Whether you write the songs yourself or make it your business to find them, until the songs are in alignment with who you are in your authentic self, your artist identity will not yet be clear to the audience… and to the industry. 

Being able to develop your own material broadens your profit stream, your longevity and your power in this industry... 

If you’ve had a hand in developing your music then you are much more likely to be in charge of your image and marketing. ALSO Your songs will better reflect and express your identity In the marketplace. 

(Which also means if you don't like the direction your career is going in YOU have the ability to change it!) 

Focusing our Artist Identity through songwriting is the most effective way that singers 

empower ourselves.. and create Career Longevity. 

Trust me on this one; Career wise..It's worth figuring out how to learn the basics of songwriting! 

Getting Started (The Hardest Part!) 

Here are the three most important keys to keep in mind as you start the journey to become a songwriter. 

1) Be Being Willing To Suck 

We're not all going to start out as fully fledged songwriters who are able to finish a top notch song on our own. 

The first couple of songs we write can feel tentative, unformed and generally leave us feeling like we'll never be able to  get to the finishing line. 

Generally we abandon the task with our first attempts unfinished and unheard by anyone lest we be judged forever more by our first efforts.  Thats normal and a natural part of learning a new skill set, 

However as daunting as it all can feel, there are LOTS of ways we can deepen our craft and get better at the new skill set, but first we have to be willing to suck for a while! 


2) Daily Work will Pay Off (but it will also suck!) 

An experienced songwriter is simply a songwriter with a whole bunch more “problem solving skills” than you have right now. How do you develop your problem solving skills? By working to solve songwriting problems on a consistent basis. 

So always having a song you are working on, trying to finish, sweating the details of songwriting  is going to get you the experience in problem solving you need to build your new skill set. 

Can you make one “bad song” a week for a month? It might really impact your peace of mind for a few weeks but I guarantee you that by the end of the month your process will have become easier! 

3)  Stick With Your Feelings! 

Beginning songwriters have a tendency to be overly complex or try to be clever and smart in our efforts to be unique. 

The final results tend to be unsatisfying in the long run but don’t worry thats all part of the learning curve at the start. 

Being clever is for beginners. But using complex language or ideas for the sake of being smart isn't what music is about. 

Forget about being clever- you want to keep to your honest authentic feelings! 

Keep it Simple! You want to be able to express strong feelings in a few lines. 

But of course boiling your ideas down to very large feelings is harder than it seems. That can often be the largest stumbling block for the beginner. But the best songs are built from very simple human truths that we all feel. 

Someone made you feel bad. 

You want something very much. 

You are scared of something. 

I always try to remind myself that every big feeling is the start of a new song. 

After all, songs are nothing but snatches of life experience boiled down to their essence. 

And… life experience is something every singer (and beginning songwriter) has plenty of. 

The most important advice I can give you is to dig in and become a keen observer of your own emotional life! 

(Thats where the best songs are! )

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