Getting Stuck is Good For Us. (Huh? What?)  


I know getting “stuck” in our careers doesn’t feel good. In fact, when we are feeling stuck it can feel down right horrible. After all, artists are built on creative joy and excitement… and possibility. When we are suddenly overwhelmed with negative feelings about our career, our talent, (our worth in the world!),  it can feel like the end of the world! 

But when we feel stuck it’s actually a fantastic moment in our career. 

How in hell can that be!!?? 

First of all…feeling stuck is an indication that what we ARE doing ..isn’t actually working.  Thats an uncomfortable feeling BUT it means we have the opportunity to sit still for a moment.. and have a good long hard look at why we aren’t able to move forward. 

Thats a potentially hugely beneficial moment in any career! 

If we don’t slow down and take stock once and a while, then we’re not doing ourselves any favours… blindly banging into walls and wondering WHY we’re not able to get over them is NOT an efficient way to move forward! 

Asking the HARD questions of ourselves, thats the way to start problem solving. 

Is there something in our artist identity that is out of alignment in some way? Is our “package” missing a sense of unity? 

Perhaps the songs not strong enough?  Maybe our voice is not fully expressing our individuality and our uniqueness? 

Is our live show lacking the kind of power  and engagement that will get folks talking about us? 

These are all important questions to be asking ourselves. ..whether we can solve them right now or not! 

So, first and foremost, getting stuck is a golden opportunity to take stock and have a really good look at “what is working and what isn’t”! 


But getting stuck is only a positive if we are willing to take responsibility for where we find ourselves!! 

If we are going to stay angry at the team member that has let us down, or blame the music biz in general, or our lack of resources or money, 

or a granting institution for our being stuck… then it isn’t going to be a useful moment for us at all. 

In fact blaming others for  our situation is the SAME thing as “arguing to stay stuck”…because it keeps us wallowing in our “bad situation”! 

Thats not good for our spirit ..and thats not good for our forward motion at all!! 

So..see about letting go of anger and frustration and resentment in your “emotional reaction” to being stuck…and don’t waste any energy or time in that vibration! 

Better to focus on what you DO want instead!!! 


The fact is when we stop blaming others -we end up putting ourselves firmly in the drivers seat! 

And thats where we want to be if we want to get unstuck… 

Because when we take responsibility for where we find ourselves …then we are able to make decisions about the next steps.. 

That alone makes us feel more powerful in our lives and in our careers.. 

I would suggest that you make a list of your goals and the ALL ways in which you feel stuck, and let’s talk about your practical steps forward together!    

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