Why Hasn't It Happened Yet?


A few words about “Timing”. 

Nothing happens until we are ready! We are constantly pushing for our dreams to come true faster and impatient that we are having to wait, when in truth reaching our goals is a slow step by step process, and every step is built on the one before. You don’t get to the top of mountain without climbing every step

Our creative ego’s want everything right now. A manager, a record deal, a world wide tour etc. All of this is good to desire, to be working towards as our vision but meanwhile there is a step by step process by which a career progresses. Knowing where you are in the process and accepting what steps you still need to take is how the winners get to the top of the mountain in this business.

It all starts with the music..... then building a community of support (fans) around that music.

Thats how we find out who the audience for our music is. Thats the first step of developing your brand identity and knowing who you are marketing too.

The first steps of being able to attract an audience to our music is also what industry folks are watching for. 

1000 fans can be turned into a million, but having only 100 fans signals that there is a problem/challenge.

Your job is to figure out whats stopping your momentum! 

If you’re smart about it you’ll adjust either the product (better production, songs, live show, etc) by digging in and making it better OR adjust the way you are telling your story through social media. Usually forward motion will happen because of a combination of both approaches. 

HOWEVER Taking responsibility for whats missing or needs improvement in our work is probably the single most challenging thing to do for artists. Its so easy to get frustrated and blame others for our lack of forward motion.

Asking people we trust what we could improve on and following through to improve our work takes courage, but that is in fact what the winners do. 

Do you know what needs improvement in your work? Lets talk about what YOUR next steps should be!

      Micah Barnes Career Strategy Coaching e mail micah@singersplayground.com


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