Singers Playground Master Class

Upcoming MICAH BARNES MASTER CLASS April 13th in Toronto at The Winchester Street Theatre!! 

In New York, Los Angeles and all across Canada singers have used former Nylon Micah Barnes' foundational techniques to overcome stage fright find authenticity and create a deeper sense of liberation and availability in their performances. This Master Class will cover proper warm up techniques, moving on stage, material selection, making a relationship with the audience and getting the most out of your performances. 

For singers at all levels of experience. Bring a song to perform for class and receive one on one coaching from Micah!  

Email for questions and registration

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Micah came into my life as a voice coach; someone that I had hoped would provide me with practical tools to improve my technique. That, he did but I got so much more. Micah's intuitive nature and passion for the real, deep work is largely what has given me the vocal freedoms that I experience today. I consider Micah a mentor, a healer, and in some respects, a guru. Now I can express my gratitude every day through a new, powerful and versatile instrument that reflects the truth of who I am. I doubt I would have gotten here so soon without Micah Barnes. ”

— Jess McAvoy