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Micah Barnes is an in demand Voice, Performance and Career coach whose clients include  Juno, Grammy  & Emmy Award Winning clients.  A former member of International A Capella act The Nylons,asnd a chart topping artist himself,  Micah's Singers Playground Workshops have helped support thousands of artists in Los Angeles, New York and across Canada in building more powerful vocal performances and realizing their career goals! Micah is the regular "Vocals" columnist for Canadian Musician Magazine and on faculty coaching performance at Seneca College for the Independent Performing Singer-Songwriters program.

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Whats Going On In The Playground?

Getting Stuck is Good For Us. (Huh? What?)  


I know getting “stuck” in our careers doesn’t feel good. In fact, when we are feeling stuck it can feel down right horrible. After all, artists are built on creative joy and excitement… and possibility. When we are suddenly overwhelmed with negative feelings about our career, our talent, (our worth in the world!),  it can feel like the end of the world! 

But when we feel stuck it’s actually a fantastic moment in our career. 

How in hell can that be!!?? 

First of all…feeling stuck is an indication that…

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